Working from home with kids. How I do it.

June 02, 2016

My kids are both school aged. Their summer break starts in a couple of weeks. This means my entire schedule will need to be rethought.

During the school year I shifted my schedule so I was working the largest amount while they were either sleeping or at school. That will no longer be possible.

I don’t want to be the dad that uses TV and iPad as a babysitter. I want to remain engaged in their lives and encourage them to be productive and to have fun.

Here are a few options I am considering:

  1. My wife and I could split the day up. I would spend time in the mornings with the kids. Then we would eat a late lunch together and my wife would watch the kids in the evening while I work.
  2. The kids get up fairly slow in the mornings. We may let them use devices early and also do chores & some educational activities in the morning. Then we could all do something together in the afternoon. then finishing working at night.
  3. We may freestyle and limit the kids device time but see how they can be productive on their own without a fixed schedule.

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