Why I quit my six figure job to become an entrepreneur

April 13, 2016

I worked for years at a single company. I started right out of college with a tech position at a midsize company. Over the years I was promoted multiple times. After 15 years I ended up with a vice president position where I was making a good six figure income. The business was good to me and I gave it many of my best years.

So what was my salary?

I was promoted and given raises every few years. Here was my progression:

45K   entry level
60K  starting to manage a few employees
90K  director of a department
130K  VP responsible for multiple departments.

I stayed at the VP level for three years. I was comfortable. Well guess what happens next?  Yup, my comfortable job got a bit less comfortable. Our company was acquired in late 2014. Luckily (or so I thought) I was offered a position at the parent company. I was even offered a raise, a great title and a similar level of responsibility. I took the new position and started working. At face value my situation was improved. However, there were two problems…

  1. I had a new level of awareness that all jobs should be considered transitory. I watched a large number of my friends get laid off. I wanted more control of my future and finances.
  2. I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I hadn’t become one yet largely because I always had excuses and a day job so I didn’t have to.  I also hadn’t done it yet because I was too scared to try. My biggest reason for this fear was perfectly legitimate. I am the head of a single income family. My salary and benefits cover expenses for a family of four.

Becoming an entrepreneur is scary. We all have our tipping points. I was finally at mine.

So now I am almost a year in. I now have a successful consulting business that is growing. I am doing my best to not take my current success for granted. I realize that the markets could shift or I could lose a handful of my top clients overnight and I would have to start over.

At this time I am not becoming complacent. Instead, I am expanding and focusing on growing additional sources of income. I hope that I am getting smarter as I get older. Only time will tell.

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