SEO is a scam – my opinion on SEO

June 19, 2016

see is a scam
My opinion is SEO is a scam.

However, I am learning more about SEO. As I learn I am attempting to be more open minded about what I have always felt was a scammy business. I have a few reasons for my opinion. Here was one example situation that helped to form my opinion:

I had a meeting once with a well respected SEO firm. They gave me a bid of sixty thousand dollars to do SEO work for my employer.

I dug into their bid and then interviewed them. After my review I came away with some major concerns. One portion of their estimate they mentioned link building. I met with them and asked them to describe their link building strategy. They were unable to describe anything about the process of how they would get links. After this lack of transparency I wrote them off and assumed they weren’t a legitimate vendor.

I may have been mistaken. This firm is still in business and has grown. They have great case studies on their site. My guess is I had a bad experience with one person that just wasn’t representing their firm well.

SEO can feel a bit like smoke and mirrors. However, just because it’s not black and white doesn’t mean there isn’t any merit in SEO.

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