My personal experience with penis enlargement

May 29, 2016

The problem with the penis enlargement industry is most men would prefer to have a larger penis. Some men are willing to go through extremes both physically and financially all for an extra inch. It’s actually sad when you think about it. Because of men’s insecurities there is tons of money to be made in the penis enlargement industry. That’s why there are so many spam emails and so many magic pills being sold. It’s also why it’s so hard to tell what (if anything) works that is inexpensive and non-invasive.

So does penis enlargement work? I have given it a go two times in my life.

My Penis Enlargement Experience – #1

My first experience with penis enlargement was ten years ago. I found a penis enlargement site. The site was filled with an active community and resources and tutorials on how to enlarge your penis. There were enough people with before and after pictures that I tentatively concluded that it IS possible to enlarge your penis.

I started a beginner routine. It consisted of the following:

I only stuck with the routine for a couple of weeks. I didn’t see any progress after two weeks so I lost motivation and I dropped the routine all together. Another reason I quit was my girlfriend kept frowning at me and telling me my dick was big enough.

My Penis Enlargement Experience – #2

Then I started a few months ago I made another attempt.

The reason I started up again is I had a job change. I started working full-time from home. Because of that I had much more free time and privacy. With a conventional job it would be impossible to work on your penis during the day. It would only work if you are a creepy judge with long black robes to hide your nasty shlong pump.  It’s also harder to fit in exercises after work. I have kids and a wife that deserve my attention more than my penis. 🙂

Pumping was attractive because I could do it hands free while working. Here was the routine I followed:

I stuck with it for a couple weeks. I stopped because I was getting busy enough with work that I started getting out of the routine. I didn’t end up sticking with it because I didn’t see gains and it was inconvenient.

I still believe penis enlargement is possible. I may try it again.

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