Penis Enlargement Overview – What Techniques Work

May 23, 2016

Penis enlargement falls into four major categories. They are exercises, pumps, injections and pills. I listed them in order of how effective I perceive them to be.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Jelking – You grab your dick with your thumb and pointer finger. Squeeze moderately from the base to the tip. While you squeeze you stretch your penis and force blood up into the shaft/head. That expansion is supposed to stretch and eventually over time cause growth.

Stretches – Grab beneath the head of your dick. Stretch in all directions until you feel the ligaments in your dick stretch out. If you do it long enough your dick should get longer.

Hanging – Attach something binding (like athletic wrap or silicone wrap) around the head of your dick. From that wrapping you attach weight. Most people hang relatively light weights for long stretches of time.

Extenders – Extenders work in a very similar way to hanging. You place a similar binding wrap around your wang head. Then instead of attaching weights to the wrap you attach it within an extender.

Pumps – Place your wang in a plastic cylinder. Seal the base. Attach a pump (either manual or motorized). Get an erection. Then pump up your penis so your erection gets longer and thicker. You can slip out your wang and put a cock ring on (to hold the extra volume) or keep pumping with the goal to have permanent gains over time.

Injections – This one sounds pretty crazy. You take needles and inject them into your erect wang. You shoot solutions into your penis to enlarge it. I have never tried this but it is fascinating. The injections may have a temporary or permanent effect of enlarging your penis.

Penis Enlargement Pills

I have never taken any sort of penis pills. The warnings are terrifying. Erections lasting longer than four hours… blah blah

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