Payment options that allow adult transactions

April 27, 2016

Gift Cards (Amazon or elsewhere)

Gift cards are one of the easiest ways to accept a quick payment. All you need is an email address and people can send you gift cards. The other pro is people already trust vendors like Amazon so they will be willing to give them their credit card (or likely they already have their card on file).

There may be situations where your privacy is compromised. They may or may not seize all funds if they find you are using it for adult transactions.


Bitcoin is perfect for adult businesses. It is secure, anonymous and not reversible. People use bitcoin to buy anything from drugs to Home Depot gift cards. Sounds like the kind of party that I want to attend. 😉

Bitcoin’s biggest downside is it’s confusing. Even when explained simply it is far from simple. The good news is it’s getting more mainstream so my hope is it will be better understood and easier to use shortly.

Amazon Wishlist

There are privacy concerns with Amazon wishlists. It sounds like any email address or name you use is made available to whoever is purchasing a gift card for you.


If you are strictly camming and want to accept only bitcoins Streamium would be the perfect platform for you. There isn’t an adult directory for adult specific stremium users. Reddit has the most active listing.


Payza is a Paypal alternative that allows adult transactions. Payza looks like a great option for accepting payments and should be seriously considered.

The trick is getting a customer to use and trust a new service. For them to use Payza the customer would need to open an account. Add funds. Then pay you though the app. I don’t believe there is an option where they can just use a credit card to pay you through the service.

One nice thing about Payza is they don’t let customers reverse payments. This helps with any adult business since some customers use this to get free services or products.


Dwolla is another Paypal alternative. Their terms of service don’t mention adult anywhere. It was hard to find many references to Dwolla for adult transactions.


Here are a few others that are not advised:

Square & & Square don’t allow adult transactions.

(21) adult entertainment oriented products or services (in any medium, including internet, telephone, or printed material) From their user agreement.


A great bitcoin wallet. Many people use it for adult transactions. I would advise being cautious since they don’t technically allow adult transactions.

“Adult Content and Services: Pornography and other obscene materials (including literature, imagery and other media); sites offering any sexually-related services such as prostitution, escorts, pay-per view, adult live chat features” From their user agreement.



They don’t accept transactions for adult services. Also, it’s impossible to be anonymous. All customers will see the name on the Paypal account when they complete a transaction.

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