How to make your penis appear bigger

June 04, 2016

Here’s the top ways how you can make your penis appear bigger. These tips all enhance what you already have. They do so quickly and cheaply without pills, potions or surgery.

Lose weight

Losing weight can add an inch or more to your penis. The more fat you have on your pubis the more your shaft is hidden. The same length penis is there.

“In some cases, abdominal fat all but buries the penis,”

Ronald Tamler, MD, PhD

Sounds pretty sexy, right?

Losing weight has the added benefit of making you more attractive to the opposite sex. It really is a win win.

Trim your pubes

Trim your pubes and shave your shaft and balls

Hair grows on your shaft base. These hairs give the appearance that your shaft stops prematurely. Trim them back with a razor in the shower. It will make your shaft appear about a quarter inch longer. Also, while you are at it trim your pubes down with a beard trimmer. This too will make your shaft stand out so it isn’t drowning in a sea of pubes.

Do kegels

Kegels have many benefits. Do them every day and they will improve both your erections and performance. Your cock will get harder and therefore appear larger.

Pump before sex

When you pump your penis gets temporarily thicker and a tiny bit longer. Your cock appears bigger because IT IS actually bigger (bonus). The effect is temporary. You can extend it through sex by pumping beforehand and then using a cock ring to keep your sausage thicker. I have tried it and I know it works.

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