Introducing my third side business

June 18, 2016

What do two stagnating business need? Another business! ūüėČ

Bear with me… I have two reasons why I am not being crazy or flighty…

First, this is more of a hobby for me. I would be doing this regardless. I watched some tutorials on YouTube and am inspired to make something similar. My product will be a specific home accessory for men. I will start by making one great one for myself. If I like it then I will make gifts for others. At the same time I will try selling them online.

Secondly, I am curious about selling on Etsy.¬†¬†I will be selling this product through¬†Etsy’s marketplace.¬†¬†That way I can leverage their existing infrastructure and traffic. I won’t¬†have to build a full site before I can start selling. My other businesses are relying on generating organic traffic. I am curious if using Etsy as a platform with shorten initial ramp up time.¬†If I get enough sales and¬†traction I will create an e-commerce site that is more professional and branded.

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