Instagram is filled with strippers

April 01, 2016

First off, what’s wrong with strippers?

Strippers are leeches. Strippers are worse than prostitutes. Unlike prostitutes a stripper’s goal is to suck as much money out of you without providing anything in return. The more they get from you by offering the least amount of themselves raises their self worth.

Instagram “models” and strippers have a lot in common:

They both use sex as a tool to make money.
They both offer nothing in return.
They both distract you and waste your time.

Instagram models are actually worse than strippers. When you are at a strip club the transaction is fairly transparent. They are wearing lingerie and rubbing themselves against a dirty pole. You love it because you are (hopefully) drunk and not thinking clearly. Instagram models are more subtle. They sell through photos of their ass in tight yoga pants and shitty inspirational quotes.

Here are only a few of the multitude of items they are shilling:

So why does UncensoredGuy have an Instagram account you sexy SOB?

Instagram can be inspirational. It’s fun to see how others are making money and getting fit. When the Rock wakes up at 4:50  it makes others inspired to do the same. When Rich Piana posts a link to his 8 hour arm workout it seems crazy but it just might inspire some guys to work out harder / longer / faster / stronger. After all, depending on your goals doing a bro split for 4 total hours a week might not be enough. Remember, whatever it takes bros! 😉

I also get why girls follow a super fit woman on Instagram. They are inspired by their success and looking for clues on how to get to their level. I follow people for the same reason.

As a guy, please god don’t follow hot chicks on Instagram. If you do please, please, please don’t comment on her posts. She doesn’t give a shit. She is selling and working hard. Take it as a clue to do the same thing yourself. Stop drooling and get to work. Make some money. Stop wasting your fucking time.

Instagram isn’t social media. It’s commerce.

Follow me. I promise to sell you something soon. 🙂

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