Increase Your Semen Volume Naturally

May 25, 2016

Increase Your Semen Volume Naturally

In college I did some research on how to increase my semen volume naturally. I was fascinated with the large volume of cum that porn stars were able to shoot. I have a normal amount of volume but I was curious if it would be possible to increase the size of my loads.

I tried out a few things on myself. Here’s what I found success with:

Increase Your Semen Volume through Edging

Edging you work up an erection and either fuck or masturbate till you are close to cumming. Just before you shoot you stop. When you continue that process for hours it can cause you to build up more so when you finally do cum you have a bigger load.

Increase Your Semen Volume by Abstaining

By not having sex or masturbating for days you can build up more volume. It works within reason. I don’t believe holding off for more than a week has much benefit. Plus, who wants to hold off for that long?

Increase Your Semen Volume with Exercises

Kegels don’t help you increase your volume of ejaculate. They do help with two other things. They help you shoot further and they give you harder erections. All good things 😉

Increase Your Semen Volume by Supplementing

I researched supplements for quite a while. I didn’t want to take anything that could possibly risk my health. I ended up buying and taking soy lecithin for a couple of weeks. I bought the granules (not pills). The serving size was about two tablespoons. Instead of mixing them in hot cereal or in a smoothie I ate them straight up out of a spoon. Soy lecithin increased the thickness and volume of my loads. I didn’t notice any issues or side effects. I would consider trying it again. I personally didn’t want to bother with it long term but it was a fun experiment.

There are other supplements you could try if you are interested. Here’s a recommended stack I found online.

(1) L-Arginine, 1000mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 1000mg
(2) Zinc, 50mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 50mg
(3) Pygeum, 100mg Strength, Taken 2 times daily = 200mg
(4) Lecithin, 1200mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 1200mg


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