How to poach designers from 99 designs

May 01, 2016

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  1. Go to the discover designers section on 99designs.
  2. Select the category or industry you are interested from the filter selection. I chose “logo design”.
  3. Browse until you find a logo that you like.
  4. Click through on that designer’s username (appears right below the logo).
  5. Now you are viewing their portfolio page. Copy their username. In this case the username is “gaga vastard”.
  6. Search for their username on the Googles.
  7. Find them elsewhere. In this case GAGA VASTARD has a dribble.
  8. Contact them. Now you have a fancy designer you know does a style you like and works for cheapish (since they are on 99designs in the first place).
  9. Pay them real money for a real project. Or if you are feeling mean tell them you have a contest you want them to enter.  😉

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