Doubts as an entrepreneur

June 12, 2016

Doubts are part of every entrepreneur’s life.

The default response to a doubt, as an entrepreneur, is to suppress and shove aside. You are told to crush them quickly before they grow. Any doubts are potential reasons to quit. Most people quit well before they should. Heck, most people never start.
They make lists of business ideas and then lists of reasons why the ideas won’t work. Sometimes the secret is you have to be cocky (or dumb) enough that you push on and ignore those doubts.
The trick is sometimes you should quit. Some ideas are better than others.
How do you know which idea to focus on?
One approach is to choose ideas that can be proven faster. When you prove your ideas faster then you take less risk.
If you want to start an ice cream shop, start with an ice cream maker and some friends. Don’t start looking for retail space and a bank loan.
If you want to start a SAS company, start with pitching the concept (or realistic mockups) to potential customers. Only then build a minimum viable product after you have had interest.

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