My Current Finances Uncensored – Update #2 (One Year as an Entrepreneur!)

June 09, 2016

It has been about a year since I quit my six figure job and started living the dream.

When I started I had enough money to live for two years without any income. My projection was that I would need $62K a year to live frugally. This meant no vacations or major expenses (roof) but enough to get buy and buy time while I grew my businesses.

In that year, I have put the bulk of my time towards my primary business. It has improved, but not to the level I had hoped.

Primary Consulting Business

The one positive is the business is trending upward and at least I am making some decent money. I am almost at the point where I am able to cover my expenses without continuing to destroy my savings.

2015 $2,000
2016 $50k projected – $25,142.58 as of today

Side Businesses

My two primary side businesses aren’t healthy. They still feel like half assed hobbies at this point. I need to either turn them around or drop them and switch to something that can turn a profit more quickly.

2015 $0
2016 $0

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