Business Launch! – Niche Website Consulting Business

May 18, 2016

We just launched our website. Our social media is started and growing. Our blog is up and running.  We have 7+ posts up highlighting our expertise in both the niche and industry.

We now look like a viable business. Kinda 😉 Our biggest problem is still that we don’t have example work to highlight. We have previous work in the industry but not in our niche. We made a decision early on to start over from scratch. This means the first couple clients will be the hardest.

Option 1) Lie/exaggerate – We could pretend we have a couple of sites complete and another few in the works and we don’t have any more time to keep our site updated.

Option 2) Discount our fees (or give a free site) to get our first couple of gigs. This is likely the route we will take.

Current Status

our website/domain: complete, including a blog with posts
social media: complete and actively being posted to
new business: just started
income: $0
spent: ~$40

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