Hello. I am your resident author and guinea pig “the Uncensored Guy”.

I am in my 30’s, married with children (cue music). I am fortunate enough to be my own boss. This means I have more free-time than the average guy. I have decided it’s time to use all my additional free time for fun and profit. This site will document my experiments. I will improve myself and my finances and document any successes and failures along the way.


I have a comfortable income. I own my own business and am a successful consultant.

On this site I am going to share my quest to generate additional income from multiple passive sources. The focus of every experiment I try will first of all need to qualify as “fun” since everything is done in my free-time. Second of all I will by focusing on items that have the potential to generate extra cash. All work will be done in my free-time and AFTER my regular job and my family.

Things I am considering:

Personal Development:

I am always trying to improve myself. Follow along as I experiment and document my successes and failures.

Things I am trying to improve:



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