2016 – 50+ Business ideas for making money quickly with very little $ invested

April 11, 2016

Below are some ideas intended to get your juices flowing. To start there are 50+ ideas. All are businesses you can get up and running quickly with very little investment in capital.

For all ideas my overall advice is to come up with a niche. If your site relies on online only sales the more specific your niche can be.

Here is an example e-commerce store that starts as a generic concept (golf e-commerce products) and ends with something highly specific and more likely to succeed. The catch is you can’t get so specific that the market gets too small. But if you are too broad (golf e-commerce store) you will be unable to compete unless you have a huge marketing budget.

So here are the 50+ ideas

  1. website flipping
  2. craigslist flipping
  3. Amazon FBA
  4. web camming
  5. affiliate links – write post about how to create a website for $200
  6. get a full-time work remote job
  7. freelancing – industry specific consulting
  8. freelancing – webdesign
  9. freelancing – SEO
  10. freelancing – social media
  11. freelancing – development
  12. freelancing – writing
  13. freelancing – project management
  14. freelancing – online security consultant (run audits and ongoing tests on websites)
  15. selling on Etsy
  16. selling on Craigslist
  17. kindle book (compile pre-existing content from non copywriter sources)
  18. niche adult site with just amateur content
  19. niche site with amazon affiliate
  20. fiverr – an entire online marketplace for micro-entrepreneurs https://www.fiverr.com
  21. sell your body or fluids 😉 (plasma, sperm, medical studies, breastmilk)
  22. amazon turk
  23. begging
  24. uber driving
  25. stock photography (stock video)
  26. instructional or viral videos on YouTube
  27. summer camp for (sports, education, math, reading, gifted)
  28. golf – niche coaching (long-drive, putting)
  29. information products (ebook, video tutorials)
  30. drop shipping business
  31. create an online course (leveraging an existing marketplace to get sales more quickly)
  32. selling crap in person (avon, mary kay, pampered chef)
  33. personal trainer
  34. bookkeeping
  35. personal assistant
  36. computer training/instruction/mentoring
  37. tutoring
  38. temp jobs
  39. lawn mowing
  40. car washing/detailing
  41. snow shoveling
  42. dog walking
  43. dog training (mobile) in customers homes
  44. babysitting
  45. elder care
  46. deliver meals, chef, caterer
  47. phone repair
  48. power washing
  49. housecleaning
  50. handyman
  51. painting
  52. carpet cleaning
  53. pooper scooper mobile business
  54. rent out a room in your house (foster, study abroad students)
  55. Local service websites. Create professionally branded and locally targeted websites. You create local content do SEO and local advertising. Then you take the leads, push them through the sales funnel and give a quote. Once you have a job you handle the project management and then outsource the work to contractors you source on Craigslist.
  56. t-shirt, poster, bumper sticker e-commerce niche –  like Trump is a lumpy chump.com
  57. viral sassy/viral business. sending glitter, bag of dicks, write on a potato

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