10 free business ideas (SaaS apps, phone apps, web apps)

April 10, 2016

Here are 10 free SaaS ideas. My hope is they will spur someone to create their own unique ideas. Let’s get inspired together. If you have thoughts or favorites let me know.

One caveat, I haven’t researched if these have been done before. That would be my next step if and when I decided to research an idea further.

  1. Online Sitemap Tool – There are a ton of UX tools that are web only. There are also a bunch of desktop apps. What is missing is a tool that is dedicated to sitemaps. The web tools that are dedicated to sitemaps are rudimentary and don’t work for larger sites. To be effective it would needs accommodate multiple sites and functional areas (logins, multiple sites, larger sites). The sitemap tool should also export a menu system that could be directly imported into WordPress’ native menu. That way the work done in IA could be reused to setup a shell site with navigation and even ideally pages.
  2. Website maintenance service- This product could include: uptime notification, performance monitoring, security alerts, security audits, software updates, integration monitoring and updates
  3. Automated Home pantry – a home interface with barcode scanner (using phones or tablets). First a user sets up a library of nonperishable items (toilet paper, paper towels, lotions, shampoo, tomato sauce, pasta, canned beans, etc. )  they want to always have stocked in their pantry. So let’s say they decide they always want a certain pizza sauce in their cupboard. Each time they use a pizza sauce they would use a quick barcode scanner (tablet, phone app). That would update their inventory. When their inventory got to a certain threshold their products would be automatically ordered in a logical batch. Some people with smart locks on their doors could select an option so those products are delivered within their house so they don’t have to deal with packaging and dealing with the deliveries themselves. The mockup below is me dropping in some pantry items into an old screen-shot of delicious library.pantry_app_mockup
  4. Family dashboard / gamification app – a single display & interface for the entire family, the display would include a touchscreen and data that is important to the family. It could also include a recipe search, family calendar and daily checklist for each family members. It could include gamification for kids so they get badges or points awards each day when they complete all their tasks. It could also be integrated into the kid’s phones and tablets so they are able to check off tasks when they aren’t at home. As their points accumulate they could eventually spend their points for a reward. For example, if they had two perfect weeks they could go to a movie or have a treat. If they wanted to they could continue to save towards a larger reward (trip, music instrument, video games).
  5. Websites for good – A site that pairs charities with designers and developers. Design and developers help worthy charities. In return they get karma, tax deductible contribution credits, and a great portfolio piece. The SaaS component allows charities to track and approve key milestones so a website is delivered that meets their needs.
  6. Coding for charity – larger projects for charities are broken down into discreet tasks. The SaaS software manages the tasks, and then verifies that updates are tested and integrated correctly.
  7. Voyeur app. A platform for webcam models to earn recurring income from their fans. It would be a combination of a website and a phone app. A woman (or man) would have individual followers that pay monthly fees. Her bedroom has a live webcam that is on at all times. Her phone could also have streaming on 24/7.
  8. Niche Dating app. Dating app/site for Renaissance festival fans. You could market it by having a busty woman and strong guy holding up their dating profile ID for the app.
  9. Mentoring swap. A network of people that share their expertise. Each 1 hour of mentoring gains you a 1/2 hour of someone’s time. So if you are a web designer you could mentor someone in wire framing in Sketch. They could then????
  10. Ask a lawyer or ask an accountant. A phone app that would give you a 15 minute Q&A with an accountant or lawyer. In that 15 minutes they would give you quick high-level advice and then refer you to a local professional for followup. They would pass along info and their recommendations so the initial conversation wasn’t lost. Money would be made through referrals.

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